Make in India - Ease of Doing Business (DoFB)
Approval of Drawings Under Factories Act, 1948
Registration of Factory and grant of License
Forms & Checklist
Notification allowing third Party Inspection of boilers.
Registration of Boilers and Renewal of Licences under Boilers Act, 1923.
Authorising Govt Engineers to issue Stability Certificate , simplification of fee structure etc .
Resolution for Voluntary Complience Scheme
Time bound delivery of services under the ORTPS ACT - 2012
Delegation of Power to Deputy Directors for renewal of license / Approval of extension plan.
Risk based inpection - Committee for inspection of MAH and accident prone factories.
Self-Certification scheme for factories.
'5 years' & '10 years' term license renewal for factories.
Uploading of Inspection Report within 48 hours.
Risk based inpection algorithm for factories under CICG framework.
Same inspector will not inspect twice in succession.
Delegation to Joint Directors.
Third Party audit for factories.
Third Party viewing of Approval Certificates.